_Sharing the revelation of the person of Christ with all the nations, individuals, families and communities across the globe. Our greatest passion is to awaken this new generation and to impact them with the truth from the most Holy Place, the 3rd dimension of grace. For them to fulfill their God given destiny._



Zion has received an Apostolic and Prophetic mandate directly from the Lord to present; The revelation of the Lord Jesus Christ, the perfection of His finished work with its effect,for the rising of mature sons within the glorious Church. By interpreting radically the Gospel of grace revealed to Paul the apostle as we are presenting the pneumatic Christ.



Training kings and occupying teritory as we present the kingdom of God with power and full demonstration in this 21rst cantury, until ages to come. Shining the light which is the treasure coming forth from the vessel to set creation free. *"For the earnest expectation of the creature waiteh for the manifestation of the sons of God"* Romans 8:19 .