School of Ministry

27/07/2011 15:14

We posses the vision to train and equip sons and dauthers of zion by imparting them the revelation of Christ the Lord

and the finish work of the cross with excellence and in its simplycity.

Our passion and divine objective is to impart a biblical and a new testament foudation

for understanding and operating from the most holy place perspective in the kingdom.

The school of ministry include:

Christologie : The person and the work of Christ.

                   Mesainic prophecy fufilled in Christ.

Eschatologie :The mystery of Christ and the church.

                    Apostolic and Prophetic ministry.

                    Evangelistic and soul wining sesion.

                    The presthood ministry of the belivers.

                    The church history.

                    The infinite power of God.

                    Daniel prophecy of 70 week.

                     Hebrew and Greek word study.

Soteriologie :  Divine healing, Grace and Divine life.

Pneumatologie : Unveiling the pneumatic Christ.

                        The new man.

                         The zoe life